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Visualize and share your DomuS3D® projects

What DomuS3D.Box is?

  • DomuS3D.Box is a visualizing system that allows you to share projects made with DomuS3D®, rendered with the Advanced Graphic Engine and 360° Panorama technology.
    Available as iOS Systems App (iPAD/iPhone/iPod Touch), on Andorid 4.x systems, as well as standard HTML (standard browsers and Android/Windows tablets).

    DomuS3D® users can share their projects on iOS and Android tablets sending them by email

    Each project contains a 360° Panorama. Projects may have one or more of the following features:

    shows details of the material used to cover floor/walls

    you can change position switching to different point(s) of view

    allows you to see color variants

    If you have DomuS3D® Antares with Advanced Rendering Engine, you can receive this project free of charge, in order to evaluate it and use it within your daily use (check version compatibility)

    Virtual Showroom: this project allows you to listen to rooms explanations (audio equipment request on board)

    This project contains 3D images (need active 3D glasses and stereoscopic monitors, NVIDIA compatible)

    This project can be downloaded and stored in DomuS3D.Box App, available in the AppStore

    This project can be downloaded and stored in DomuS3D.Box for Android, available in the Android Market (Google.Play)

Publishing a project

  • DomuS3D.Box can host projects made by DomuS3D® customers, using Antares version. Contact us in order to know how to publish your projects.
    If you still do not have DomuS3D®, click here to connect to official web site and investigate it.

    I progetti pubblicati possono essere di due tipi:
  • Pubblic
    They are projects that can be see by everyone on both platforms (iOS App and this portal). This calls of projects is dedicated to Manufacturers only.
  • Private
    They are projects that can be seen only using the iOS App (that's to say as yet, iPAD and iPhone). Private projects can be published by any DomuS3D® user (Manufacturers, Showrooms, Architects and Designers)

I want to publish my first project

Available for iPAD/iPhone/Android

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Projects made with DomuS3D®

100% Made in DomuS3D®
All projects available in Domus3D.Box have been designed using DomuS3D® and Advanced Rendering Engine